Hisense Broadband has developed technologies and products of SFF, SFP, XFP and SFP+ micro high-speed burst mode transceiver series, GPON/EPON ONU/OLT burst mode transceiver series, NGPON2 series and multi DWDM wavelength tunable series.

Hisense Broadband focuses on the development, manufacturing and marketing of full data center product line up include:10G/25G/40G/100G Ethernet optical transceivers; 16/32G Fiber Channel; Active Optical Cables; High Speed Customized Optical Engines

Hisense Broadband is capable of providing advanced products for Ethernet, transmission, storage and SONET/SDH application with low power consumption and high reliability. Compliant with SFP+ MSA, XFP MSA, QSFP+ and CFP standards, our products are equipped with mature efficient lasers and adopt current industry leading drive IC solution. The products range from low-speed to 100G.

Hisense Broadband is capable of providing the leading and low-consumption products, which are compliant with SFP+MSA and CPRI wireless protocol.Equipped with the mature and efficient FP, DFB lasers and drive IC solutions, the products’ consumption can reach the degree as low as the industrial 0.8W.

Hisense Broadband has endeavored in developing solutions for high-end smart product systems to improve carriers' sustainable profitability by delivering satisfying user experience and service capability.